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Ufficio Località Cerò, 8 Dolegna del Collio (GO) 34070 Italia Fax casa: 0481 639906 Telefono ufficio: 0481 61264 Sito web:


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It was on February 6th, 1930, that Daniele Venica purchased, at Dolegna del Collio, a cellar, a stone farmhouse, and the surrounding vineyards. Since then, always with a peaceful transition from generation to generation, 80 years have passed. A story of passion, sacrifices, and success which has developed between the fascinating Collio appellation and the continuous, unceasing affection for the vineyards and their grapes. Right down to this day and the current protagonists, Gianni, Giorgio, and Giampaolo Venica, and the vital, active Ornella, cultivators bent on bringing out the best in their traditions, without neglecting research and innovation. “Our efforts are directed towards a better understanding of the various micro-climates of our property in order to compose a mosaic of the differences between the various sites and plots”. There are also rural tourism facilities with a pool, rooms, a convention hall, living spaces, woods: a place where, in addition to repose, visitors can enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the people of the place, the protagonists and also the wines. There are over 85 acres of vineyards, with many different varieties: Tocai Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, Malvasia, Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Tramine Aromatico, Merlot, Refosco, Cabernet Franc. Many the wines as well: Ronco delle Cime Collio Tocai Friulano, Collio Malvasia Doc, Collio Bianco Prime Note, Collio Bianco Tre Vignis, Collio Ribolla Gialla, Collio Sauvignon Ronco del Cero, Collio Sauvignon Ronco delle Mele, Bottaz Refosco del Peduncolo Rosso Venezia Giulia as the major labels.
Amidst this rich panorama, there are many points of excellence. The Tre Vignis Collio Bianco, straw yellow with an ample and rich bouquet of tropical fruit and spice. The Malvasia, an intense yellow and balanced in flavor. The red Bottaz Refosco, a brilliant ruby red, rustic, warm, of real personality, a fine match to Montasio cheese. And, the standard-bearer of the cellar, the Collio Sauvignon Ronco delle Mele, a superb interpretation of the variety which enchants with its straw yellow color, intense and crystalline, its refined aromas of sage, tomato leaf, peach, ample and full and of surprising freshness on the palate, vey long as well. It is perfect with pasta or rice with vegetables, raw ham, fresh cheese, white meat, fish, and sea food.

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