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Tenute San Fabiano Conti Borghini Baldovinetti de Bacci

Ufficio Via di San Fabiano, 33 Arezzo 52100 Italia Telefono ufficio: 0575 24566 Fax ufficio: 0575 370368 Sito web: http://www.fattoriasanfabiano.it


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The historic estate of the Borghini Baldovinetti de’Bacci counts is located just a few miles away from the old walls of the city of Arezzo on the hills surrounding the city. The first document which demonstrates the presence of vineyards on the property goes back to 1416: the document treats the sale of a vineyard by Baccio de’Bacci to finance the decoration of the family chapel in the church of Saint Francis in Arezzo, a work carried out by Piero della Francesca. The estate itself was created as a wine-producing operation after World War II and expanded in the 1960’s to include bottling and marketing of estate wines. Today it extends over more than 2100 total acres, 500 planted to vineyards, on medium-consistence calcareous clay soils. The property is divided into three different units: San Fabiano, just a few miles from Arezzo, where the estate is also headquartered; Campriano, between the Casentino and Valdarno valleys, the site of the principal crus; and Poggio Oliveto at Montepulciano, with a technologically advanced cellar built in 2001, 75 acres of vineyards and a splendid exposition which produces an excellent Vino Nobile of the appellation. Among the estate wines is the San Fabiano Chianti. The finest Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, and Malvasia Nera grapes are hand picked into packing cases, and rapidly brought to the estate. The fermentation rigorously respects tradition and the appellation rules: after destemming and pressing the grapes ferment in temperature-controlled stainless steel tans at temperatures of 82° Fahrenheit; periodic pumping over of the cap continues for some days. A bright ruby red with aromas of red fruit and spices, it is intensely flavoured and very fresh, a fine match with white meat, roasts, soft and flavorful cheeses, and goat cheese. The top wine, however, is the Vinsanto I Cannicci del Conte. The grapes are hand picked, then dried to increase concentration of sugars and aromas. The grapes are pressed a few days before Christmas, fermented in small barrels, then aged in the barrels for at least four years. Amber in color, redolent of raisins and honey, it finishes with notes of candied fruit. A wine for sipping and for meditation.

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