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Ufficio Loc. Santo Stefano di Briga Messina (ME) 98135 Italia Telefono ufficio: 090 630194 Fax ufficio: 090 637247 Sito web:


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The company Palari even existed for more than 100 years, the modern form was founded in 1990. It stands at 600m above sea level, however, is only 1.5 km away from the Ionian Sea Strait of Messina. The vines grow on a soil with stone terraces, the implantation is ancient sapling, therein which there are natives of eastern Sicily which nerello mascalese, nocera and cappuccio, as well as less than 10% of other minors grapes. The harvest can only be done manually in boxes of twenty kg and fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. The fermentation and maturation takes place in barriques of Tronçais and Allier. Production rooms are housed within an ancient Sicilian villa of the late 700. All this happens with the technical assistance of “Enosis Meraviglia” by prof. Donato Lanati. It produces about 50,000 bottles of 750 ml of “Palari Faro Doc” and “Rosso del Soprano” Sicilia IGT and both wines aging at least 8 months in bottle.

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