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Cavit, headquartered at Ravina, just a few miles from the city of Trento, is a consortium of cooperative wineries of the Trentino region, a complex and varied organization which produces millions and millions of bottles. A giant in the field of wine, which focuses its attention on the territory of the region and on its crus. A policy decided years ago by director Giacinto Giacomini, who has always believed in the potential of the various single sites, even if these represent, in purely numerical terms, only a small part of the overall production. Due to years of careful study carried out by the Istituto di San Michele d’Adige, the single areas of the province which produce not only the finest grapes but also give wines with the greatest personality have all been identified. This is the origin of the wines in the I Masi Collection (“maso” – which derives from the Latin word mansum – is the central block of an agricultural property).The most important is Maso Torresella, a splendid site located in the Valle dei Laghi which includes an old villa on the shore of Lake Toblino. Here the climate is at times almost Mediterranean and Chardonnay grows very well, giving a wine of great fullness and roundness, the Chardonnay Maso Torresella. Sauvignon does very well as well, aromatic and herbaceous, and the site is also an excellent source for grapes for sparkling wines. Maso Romani, instead, is situated at Volano in the Vallagarina valley, a fine spot for the cultivation of Marzemino, the traditional native grape of the province of Trentino, a direct and sincere wine with cherry aromas. Maso Cervara, in the Piano Rotaliano at Mezzolombardo, is a place which specializes in Terdolego Rotaliano, another native grape which gives an intensely-colored red wine, soft, caressing, long-lived and with the lightest of tannins. Among the many other wines of Cavit worth mentioning is Altemasi Graal, a classic sparkling wine produced from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with a lengthy aging on its lees, which competes well with the fine sparkling wines of France.

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