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Ufficio Via Castelletto, 3 Breganze (VI) 36042 Italia Telefono ufficio: 0445 873733 Fax ufficio: 0445 300149 Sito web:


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The Maculan are a family which, for three generations, has selected and fermented the finest grapes of Breganze, a lovely hill town in the province of Vicenza, one of the most attractive spots in all of the Veneto region, distinguished by the villas and the architecture of Andrea Palladio.
The natural barrier offered by the high plateau of Asiago creates a mild climate, which has always favored the cultivation of the vine.
Maculan owns its own vineyards with 27 proprietary acres in the township, and leases another 60 in the appellation. And the house also works with selected cultivators who supply the grapes of another 125 acres. The cellar is located in the historic center of Breganze and is one of the finest examples of a successful marriage of tradition and modern technology. If Maculan is, today, one of the best known and most prestigious names in Italian wine, this is due to the work of Fausto Maculan, a far-sighted oenologist who, many years ago, had the courage to produce traditional wines in a new way and create new wines of very high quality. Maculan reinvented the traditional Torcolato of Breganze, produced form lengthily-dried Vespolina grapes (the wine takes its name from the fact that the grapes are wound around a cord) by utilizing modern fermentation techniques and, above all, by a lengthy aging in barrique. The result is a sweet and suave dessert wine. Even more surprising is Acini Nobili, produced from dried grapes attacked by a “noble rot” which completely transforms the grapes. A magnificent wine, supple, fruity, jammy, honeyed. The grapes of the Ferrata farm produce the wine of the same name, a white blend of Sauvignon and Chardonnay, intense and aromatic. A wine which competes with the finest Sauternes. But Maculan also knows how to express his great talents with red wine. Fratta and Palazzotto are the proof, universally considered exemplary offerings from the Veneto. The first is a Bordeaux blend with a touch of the native Croatina, a wine of rare elegance, finesse, and persistence. The second, instead, is a Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine of great integrity, solid and complex.

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