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Ufficio Via A. Zanella, 13 Erbusco (BS) 25030 Italia Fax casa: 030 7268425 Telefono ufficio: 030 7766111 Sito web:


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Ca’ del Bosco is the story of a boy who wished to produce a great wine with bubbles, just like a great Champagne. A story which became a magnificent reality. Maurizio Zanella began to produce wine in Erbusco thirty years ago on the small family property in the countryside of Francaicorta, and, with a series of giant steps, conquered a world-wide fame. Currently Maurizio Zanella is the president of a firm which is part of the Santa Margtherita group and is one of the most important houses of Franciacorta, the viticultural area of Lombardy which is considered “the little Champagne of Italy”. The estate owns some 250 acres of high-density vineyards (4,000 vines per acre) in various spots on the glacier-created hills to the south of Lake Iseo, an area particularly suited to the production of white wine, particularly sparkling white wine. The Ca’ del Bosco cellar is a true work of art in itself, with well organized and functional spaces which are attractive and suggestive as well, as in the case of the underground dome constructed in stone, the barrel-aging area, and the cellars with the stainless steel fermenting tanks. In addition, important works of contemporary art are located in various parts of the estate and on its grounds as, for example, the magnificent “Cancello del Sole”, a massive entrance gate, a creation of sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. Ca’ del Bosco is famous all over the world for its sparkling wines: the top wine is the Cuvée Prestige, a non-vintage Franciacorta, packaged in a special transparent bottle which represents a sort of “summary” of thirty years of vintage experiences: it is a striking wine with its elegant small bubbles, its suave fragrance, its finesse and important personality. Alongside this offering there are the vintage wines, with a significantly longer period of lees contact: the intense and full-bodied Brut, the soft and feminine Satèn, the dry and rigorous Dosage Zero. The finest wine of the line, however, is the Cuvée Anna Maria Clemente (dedicated to the mother of the founder), a magnificent Franciacorta aged for ten years before commercial release, a wine which is widely recognized as a masterpiece in the field of sparkling wine. But Ca’ del Bosco manages to present high quality non-sparkling wines as well: the exceptional Maurizio Zanello, an opulent and fleshy Bordeaux blend; Pinero, a Pinot Noir of international quality level; and the Chardonnay, a barrel-aged white wine, concentrated and elegant at the same time.

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